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Print Free Calendar 2023, 2024

At Print-FreeCalendar.Com you can download free, simple, useful monthly or yearly calendars for year 2022, 2023 and 2024... Each calendar is available in Word (.docx), PDF (.pdf) and image (.png) format. These calendars will easily print on a A4 or Letter paper size. Versions of calendar templates with Monday start and Sunday start are both available.

You can also generate a printable monthly pdf calendar for any year and print it on regular US Letter, US Legal, A3, A4, A5 paper size with page orientation is Landscape or Portrait.

With our free calendars, you will be able to list your schedules, make your to do list, track your goals and milestones with details, set your priorities, list your habits, organize your projects, keep your grocery list and much more. Let makes your life and work a little bit easier with our calendars!

You can use and modify the template for personal use only. You must keep all copyright information and credit links in the template and associated files. For more information please read our terms of use section.

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Why You Need A Calendar?

Calendars can help anyone manage their time, get organized, and ensure that they'll never forget an important date or task. With a calendar you can also scribble notes on it, come on, admit you love putting pen to paper.

Before you create anything, think about why you need to print out a calendar. It will guide you in creating a template that will meet your exact needs.

There are some reseaons why people need a calendar:

  • Tracking good habits, training schedule, or a food journal that noted what you ate and when.
  • To display your weekly work schedule for your family, so they know when you'll be home and at work.
  • Keeping track of important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.
  • To quickly reference your daily, weekly, or monthly priorities.
  • A daily checklist of your to-do-list items.
  • Planning your family vacation or an upcoming business trip where you could fill in activities for the days you'll be gone.
  • Keeping track of deadlines and milestones for a group project.
  • Running more effective meetings by printing out an agenda that includes the topics that need to be discussed and when.
  • Keeping your life or work organized through a family planner or team schedule.
  • Capturing your highlights or accomplishments for the week.
  • To inspire and motivate you by adding daily inspirational quotes.

Instead of creating a new calendar from scratch or buying from services, you can simply print a calendar that already contains essential information from our website for free. For instance, you could select a weekly planner. All of the days of the week, specific dates, and times are there for you. You need to input whatever additional information you want.

At Print-FreeCalendar.Com we have yearly, monthly, weekly calendar templates for printing on Letter and A4 paper size in your home or office printer. You can print the calendar directly from your browser with online calendar, pdf calendar or offline printing for downloadable calendars. All calendars on this website can be customized for any year. You can also choose the calendar with weeks start on sunday or monday.

Next Month Calendar

Need a calendar for the next month December 2022? Checkout the list bellow and download any calendar you want.

How to Customize Your Printable Calendar

Regardless of what calendar style you're using, and whether if it's a new calendar, existing one, or template, you can customize your calendar however you desire.

All you need to do is choose whether you need a monthly or yearly calendar, and add your scheduled events to the template. You can also customize the font types, font sizes, and colors.

Here are several suggestions on how you can personalize your calendar.

  1. Change the title

To change the title, delete the default title, and type the new title.

  1. Change the images

You can also personalize your calendar template by adding a photo, like your company logo. Add your own images from your local computer.

  1. Change the fonts, colors, size

Select the cell with the text you'd like to modify, and in the Home tab, you can change the font type, font size, font color, or make the text bold, italicized, or underlined.

  1. Change the background

Choose a background from your image library.

  1. Insert key information

Your key information could include dates for deadlines, meeting, or appointments, or a description of the calendar.

Other Monthly Calendar

Yearly Calendar 2022

If you want to print both of 12 month calendar on one page then we have printable yearly calendar templates for you.

With online calendar you can print any year calendar you want.

Download other year calendar which available in word, pdf or excel here.

Printable Year Calendar

Yearly Calendar 2022

How to Print Your Calendar?

After customize your calendar, you can go to last step - print your calendar.

To print a calendar, your computer needs to be connected to a printer by cable or wireless.

There are some steps to print a calendar:

Step 1: Open your calendar by Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader (depending on your file format is .docx or .pdf).

Step 2: When your calendar is ready, select File menu in the top left-hand corner of your document. Then, select Print.

how to print a calendar

Step 3: Choose how many copies of your calendar you need and select the printer you wish to use. You will have to have your printer already installed on your computer. See how to install and connect your printer here.

how to print a monthly calendar

Step 4: Depending on your printer options, you can choose other printing features such as whether you want to print all pages or only certain pages. You can also change the orientation of the print from portrait to landscape and tell your computer and printer whether you're printing on a certain size of paper. You'll also see, on the right, a preview of your printed document will look like.

how to print a monthly calendar setup page

Step 5: When you're ready with your settings, select Print button. Your calendar will now start printing on your printer.

ready to print your calendar